Captain Mack’s Lake Hartwell Fishing Report

Thanks to Nathan Key, Shad Slinger Charters, for updating the Striper side of the report. On the Bass side,
Randy at Lake Hartwell Fishing and Marine provided the Bass fishing report.!

No surprise that the lake level
rose with recent rains, up .93 feet from last week to 658.14 as of Wednesday Evening, 1.86 Feet below full
pool. The Hartwell Lake level as of Wed was 657.21, 2.79 feet below full pool.

Striper/Hybrid Fishing

The Striper/Hybrid bite overall has been fair, the turbulent weather has spread the fish out, and will most likely
continue to keep the fish scattered out until our next period of good weather. Speaking of good weather, it’s on
the horizon(see the Bass Report for the weather report) so watch the forecast and plan accordingly.

The bite
this week has been a little bit of a grind with frequent moves being the rule and putting together singles to
make a good string of fish. Down lines and free lines are effective, and the smaller baits seem to be preferred.
Many of the fish are roaming in the middle parts of the creeks, generally over a 40 to 50 feet bottom. Place the
down lines 30 to 35, adjusting levels based on what the sonar shows. Start the free lines at 80 feet back, and
use a very small Split with the wind makes speed control and issue. With the fish being so scattered do not be
concerned if you are not seeing big groups of fish. Finding the good bait concentrations is a big part of finding
the fish, and even if you do not mark lots of fish, deploy the spread when you see the bait and let the fish come
to you.

As always keep an eye on the birds, most of this week they were not much help as they seemed to be focused
on being on the leeward side of something and avoiding being blown back to the coast. Nonetheless, they can
be very beneficial in locating fish and use them accordingly. Watch them closely, and you’ll learn when they
are on fish, or spending you on a Goose chase They also do not have to be right on the water to signify fish.
Often, high Flying Gulls see fish down in the water, they are just waiting for them to push the bait up to the

Bass Fishing

Bass Fishing has been fair and last week’s return to winter seems to have set the fish on their heels somewhat.
Deeper structures have been the best producer, with a few shots at shallow fish responding to the sun warmed
rocks and bridge pillars. We have plenty of stained water now, and that will probably be very beneficial with
some warming weather.

The long term forecast indicates a period of warmer temps beginning in the middle of
next week! Expect the fish to react quickly and pull up onto shallow structures. Until then, Ditches, drains,
long flat points, and deeper docks will produce some good catches. Football Head jigs tipped with chunks and
twin tails, blade baits and Fish Heads are all good choices for these structures. Finesse worms on the drop shot,
and Weedless Wonders tipped with Small Senkos and Roboworm Alive Shads are effective, particular in post
frontal conditions.

Good Fishing!
Capt Mack