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Lake level is down -5.52’
Surface temp is 66

While the weather cannot
seem make its mind up this
week, we are still in that fall
turnover pattern on the
water. The line sides are
definitely on the move and
headed back in the creeks in
search of bait and water
quality. It is still a grind but
good fish and numbers can be
caught using a number of
techniques. Long points and
humps are really coming into
play now as the fish are
roaming more shallow. These
areas in the middle and back
portions of the creek have
been getting better as we get
deeper into the fall pattern.

Planer boards and free lines
have been my staple pattern.
As I mentioned in my last
report, I will discuss my
standard set up in this report.
A Captain Mack’s Mustard
Stick paired with an Okuma
line counter reel is my go-to. I
like to be spooled with 17 lb test mono and a 10-12# Sunlike Sniper Fluorocarbon leader approximately
8’ long. I use a #2 Gamakatsu Octopus hook for the Blueback Herring. I use the line counter reel to let
30-40’ back before I clip the Perfect Planer on and then let the planer back around 80’ on my outside rod
and then 50’ on my inside rod when running 2 rods per side. Set your reels drag loose enough the fish
will pull drag slightly on that initial run but tight enough to get a solid hook set. This is my standard setup
but you can vary it to your style. Braid works just fine as a main line and hook sizes need to match the
bait you are pulling.

Trolling Captain Mack’s umbrella rigs over these same points and humps in 25-35’ will definitely add
more fish to the boat and also the best way to scout out new areas when searching a creek arm. 90-125’
behind the boat is ideal doing this method. Keep a Super Jig (white with mylar or white chart) or top
water bait tied on for the surfacing fish.

Captain Brandon Davis
Bent Rods Charter Company