5 thoughts on “Video On Using “Keys To Catching Lake Lanier Bass”

  1. Jimmy Harmon "Lanier Jim"

    Ronnie….I just saw the video you made from when we went out. Thanks! I posted it on our facebook page Lanier Baits. I appreciate it….didn’t know you had gone out and tried some things we discussed. Lets go again soon…I’ll bring the bbq sammiches 🙂

    Again – I appreciate it


    1. ronniegarrison Post author

      Thanks for sharing it – I just got an order for the book and it is probably from you sharing it. I was happy I was able to go out cold and catch those two little bass from the two places I tried – disappointed they were so small but I didn’t have time to check out other places.

      Saw you at Jennifer’s tournament last month but didn’t get to say high since I was weighing the fish. Lanier is tough for me – I was glad she and I got a limit even if they were small. Hard to keep up on Lanier when you fish it four times a year!

      I tried to drop shot some brush in Mud Creek yesterday in a club tournament but wind made it tough. I did win with five weighing 8.87 – only limit in club. I caught the fish I had using a jig head on some points from other map of the month articles that are in the book.

      I would love to get on the lake with you again. Since we did that article I have kept a drop shot ready in all tournaments and have won several with it! Im learning!

  2. Ernie Thompson

    How do I get to the Jimmy Harmon map of the month , it is awesome. I will be up on lainer in October , the map of the month will help so much ,Thanks

    1. ronniegarrison Post author

      That is one chapter in the book – the eBook sells for $4 at Amazon and other places. I will email the book in Microsoft Word format for $4 and will mail the book on a CD for $6.


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