Keys To Catching Lake Lanier Bass – ALSO AVAILABLE IN CD OR EMAIL – BUY NOW

Keys to Catching Lake Lanier Bass eBook

Ten spots on Lake Lanier for each month of the year, with GPS Coordinates, description, lures to use and how to fish each one
By: Ronnie Garrison – ISBN# 978-1-940263-01-4

Watch a video on how to use this book –

For an emailed copy in Microsoft Word, email – $4.00
CDs are also available for $6.00 – email

From Georgia Outdoor News Map of the Month series of articles and the eBook series “Keys to Catching Georgia Bass”

2014 © Ronnie Garrison – All Rights Reserved
Maps – 2014 © Georgia Outdoor News – All Rights Reserved

How to Use This Book

The articles for this series of books, Keys to Catching Georgia Bass, were written over a span of 18 years. Conditions change but bass tend to follow patterns year after year.

For example, Lake Lanier has gone through a series of years with low water then full again. After a couple of years of low water, grass and bushes grow that will be flooded in shallow water when the lake fills. But after a few years that cover rots away. Bass will still be in the same areas, you just have to fish the cover in them that is available when you fish.

The eBook is $4.99. I may have some copies printed but the price would be about $10.00. If you want a printed copy please email me at to reserve a copy if I do have them printed.

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    1. ronniegarrison Post author

      send six dollars cash check or money order to me at 314 Rebecca Circle, Griffin, GA 30224 and I will mail a CD in Microsoft word format – or I will email it to you in Microsoft word format for $4. Be sure to include your mailing address for the CD or email address for the email copy

      1. Gowri Pasagada

        Hey are you still selling that ebook ? Please let me know i will send 4 bucks to your address. i need ebook format.


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