Lake Lanier Fishing Report

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Fishing Report for Lake Lanier

“The Southern Fishing Report”
By Ken Sturdivant
106 Hickory Ridge
770 889 2654
Cumming Georgia 30040

November 3, 2017


The East Bank ramp will be closed November 14th, 15th and 16th for the deer hunt.

This Bass fishing report brought to you by: Jimbo Mathley, 770 542 7764

The cooler weather has dropped the surface temperatures 3 degrees and the lake has come up .2 feet since my last report. The fishing has improved since last week, which is great news for all of us. The stable weather projected over the next 10 days should really make for some consistent fishing in the upcoming days. The fish are still spread out both in the mouths of the creeks and further back in as well. The schooling bite has been strong this week both just after daylight and near dusk in the creek mouths and further back in these areas as well. Most of the activity appears to be around points and humps, but there is also plenty of over the channel schooling as well. After the schooling subsides, we are still running some points and humps with brush, but they are not holding fish nearly as well as they had been. We have started to work some steeper rock as well as docks in the creek pockets for some bites. A Sebile and a Vixen are working pretty well on the schooling fish. If the fish are chasing smaller bait fish or you are having a hard time getting the fish to commit to your top water and swimbait offerings, try a spy bait. Count it down and work it slowly. A Chug Bug has worked for top water on some days as well. Spend a little time looking at the points and underwater islands with the Lowrance Structure Scan and Down Scan technology to find baitfish in these area before fishing. This will help narrow down where the fish are. A Picasso Shakedown Head with a finesse worm is starting to produce; and I’m happy to report a jig bite is starting as well. I do love a jig bite. With the warmer weather once again upon us, we should see the schooling bite hang around for a while, which is fun! Here is a list of my upcoming open dates in November: 8, 10, 14, 15, 16, 17, 20, 21, 22, 24, 25, 28, 29, and 30. Also, if you want a trip over Thanksgiving Week, please contact me NOW. Those dates always go fast. Give me a call and let’s get out and have some fun! Thanks to all and May God Bless.

This Lake Lanier Striper report is from Big Fish On guide Service. To book your guide trip call Captain Ken at 404 561 2564 or contact us on our web site.

Striper fishing is fair but improving. The water temperature has cooled off to 65 degrees and the top water activity has picked up. The action is fast and the Stripers do not stay on the surface very long. A 5/8 ounce Captain Mack’s buck tail jig with a fluke continues to work well. Your traditional top water baits like Spooks, Red fins and Chug Bugs will also work. You can also use a light spinning rod to pitch a blueback Herring into a school of feeding Stripers for some exciting action. If you are having trouble getting to the fish before they move off try deploying free lines and planner boards and troll the area you last saw the fish. Always keep someone on the front deck casting a buck tail jig or top water bait. This approach takes patience as you have to resist chasing the fish with the big motor. The second approach is to fish the creeks with the greatest concentration of bait. Spend a little time looking at the points and underwater islands with the Lowrance Structure Scan and Down Scan technology to find baitfish in these area before fishing. This will help narrow down where the fish are. Deploy weighted free lines and planner boards in addition to a couple of down rods. Look for schooling fish in the main lake channel and pockets from Flat Creek to Dam. There are also fish in the North end creeks and both rivers. The water temperature is in the mid 60’s.The water is lightly stained in the creeks and clear on the main lake. To book your guide trip call us at 404 561 2564 or contact us on our web site.

This Lake Lanier Crappie report is from Dan Saknini, member of the Lanier Crappie Angler’s Club. See our club’s website,

Current water temperature is around 68 degrees. This is ideal for crappie fishing. Many of our club members are taking advantage of the comfortable temperatures and have been sending us excellent reports and pictures of their catches. At every meeting, we share information and tips, and our newer members are capitalizing on that and seeing great results. It’s all about time on the water, and networking will help you improve your catches. Our catches are mainly coming from deeper, stand-alone brush piles, from the middle of the creeks all the way to the backs of the creeks. A helpful tip: when you are looking at your electronics, pay attention to the concentration of bait in these pockets. The bait will lead you to the fish. On a calm day, use the lightest jig you can, as low as one thirty second ounce jig heads. When the wind starts to pick up, use a heavier jig head, up to one sixteenth ounce. If you know that there are fish on the brush piles and you feel that they are not cooperating, ease up directly above the brush pile with your electric motor on the lowest speed setting, and practice vertical jigging. Let your jig fall into the brush pile and start reeling slowly. Yes, you will lose a few jigs, but it can be very rewarding. This time of year, use the jig color you have the most confidence in, as color does not seem to matter, rather the presentation of the jig. Use the Lowrance Structure Scan and Down Scan technology to find baitfish in these area before fishing. This will help narrow down where the fish are.

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