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Welcome to my new about fishing home.  Visit my fishing ramblings under “categories” in the right hand column,  sometimes called a blog, where I will post often.

I caught this crappie in my pond

I caught this crappie in my pond

I never met a fish I didn’t want to catch.  Some of my first memories are of following my grandmother to  local creeks and ponds and fishing with a cane pole and live bait for anything that would bite.  That was more than 60 years ago, so I have been fishing for a while….

In 1974 I joined a bass club and am still in it, fishing tournaments every month in that club and the second club I joined in 1978. I joined a third club in 2015 so I now fish three tournaments a month, 12 months a year. I love club bass tournaments and don’t miss any.  But I also love catching any kind of fish, from bluegill in my pond to halibut in Alaska.  I have had the chance to catch fish in many places in my life.  One of my favorite memories is standing in a stream in Alaska catching salmon on a fly rod on my 60th birthday.

In 1987 I started writing a weekly outdoor column for my local paper, the Griffin Daily News. It is how I got my start writing and still runs every weekend. I post most of those columns here.

In 1988 I got an assignment to write an article for Georgia Outdoor News and in the late 1990s came up with the idea for a column called Map of the Month. In it I go to a Georgia lake with a good bass fisherman on it, talk about what the bass are doing that month, what baits to use and mark a map with GPS coordinates, that should be good the month it runs and describe how to fish each. Around 2010 Alabama Outdoor News was started and I do the same monthly article in it on Alabama lakes.

I put 12 of those articles, one each month of the year, on Clarks Hill (Thurmond Lake to some) and Lake Lanier, in eBook format. They are available from most sellers, including Amazon at https://fishing-about.com/keys-to-catching-georgia-bass-ebook-series/. I also sell them on CD and through email.

I have done more than 350 of those articles over the years and have got to spend the day in the boat with high school fishermen, including four BASS All Americans, many college fishermen, local experts and top pros. Some of the most notable include Boyd Duckett, Randal Tharp, Dustin Connell, Greg Vinson, Clent Davis, Micah Fraizer, Kelly Jay, Matt Herren, Scott Canterbury, Alex Davis and Keith Poche.

I have ridden as a media observer in BASS Masters Classic practice days with Steve Kennedy, Greg Vinson and David Kilgore and when I bought Chad Pipkins 2016 Elite Skeeter went out with him on Lake Erie to learn about the boat and catch smallmouth.

I think i have learned a little about bass fishing from each trip.

I add articles each day, fishing reports, pictures and more.  The first page I added is Captain Mike Gerry’s Lake Guntersville Fishing Report  Any fishermen, including guides, that would like to send me reports to put here please contact me at ronnie@fishing-about.com.

I also welcome feedback on suggestions, problems and ideas you would like to see here. Contact me at ronnie@about-fishing.com

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3 thoughts on “Welcome To My Fishing Site – Freshwater and Some Saltwater Fishing, Too!

  1. Ron Brooks


    Sorry to see you leave About.com – but they are changing into a really questionable outfit. I retired from my saltwater fishing site there and I have watched as the new management are making the site a joke. If you want to see some really cheesy videos – take a look at the saltwater fishing videos filmed with a tackle shop owner in Manhattan. I’m sure he is a nice guy and knows how to fish – in New York. But his tips and suggestions are only good for New York! I guess since all the About.com editors live in New York and have probably never even seen saltwater, this tackle shop owner is a good thing. I even emailed them to tell them the comments get from all my fishing contacts all over the east coast. Everybody I interface with – and that’s a lot of guides and charter captains – talk about how bad the videos are. Sooo – good luck with your new site. I may be following suit with a new saltwater site!! Later!

    1. ronniegarrison Post author

      With the way things have been going there I am not surprised, just disappointed after 16 years. But I am excited about this site. I can do what I think fishermen want here and not be so restricted!

  2. Ron Brooks

    You might want to change the Word Press time for your blog to EST. It appears to be on GMT right now.


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