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Lake Lanier Fishing Report from Captain Mack

Need a great reason to go fishing or hunting? I got you covered! Sept 23rd is
National Hunting and Fishing Day! Sept 23rd is also the Autumnal Equinox, the
first day of Fall, beginning at 2:50 AM. That should be more than enough
incentive/excuse to go fish or hunt. Add in a really nice weather forecast, maybe
a little rain mid week, but that may be an enhancement to the bite.

Ironically, I will
not be on the water to celebrate National Hunting and Fishing Day? I’ll have a
minor medical procedure and the doctor says fishing will be prohibited? Seems to
me that spending some time on the lake would be the best recovery available,
right? I’ll plead my case again with the doc to see if we can get a change order
put in place, lol. Keep an eye on the lake level, it is continuing to drop and some
of your shortcuts may be close to being a land bridge. The lake level as of Friday
mid day was 1066.05 , down .42 from the last report, and 4.95 feet below full
pool. Like the lake level, the surface temps also dropped, 79 degrees was the
reading Friday AM.

Striper Fishing

If you opt for fishing, particularly Striper fishing, the bite remains strong. Last
week’s info will be applicable, although there are still some inconsistencies in the
“summer patterns” of recent weeks. One addition to the list of top techniques is
targeting the schooling fish. This activity has been very good and is no longer a
secondary pattern. As is usually the case, the surfacing fish may show up
anywhere, any time. Be diligent about watching for them as you move around the
lake. Swim baits, The Lanier Baits Hard Swimmers, Spro Sashimmy Shad’s and
Magic Swimmers are a few of the favorites. Top water popper baits, such as the
Spro E Pops, and Chug Bugs, along with Walking Haints, and OG Stickbaits are
also good choices. In addition to casting to the schoolers, you can catch a few
Stripers just blind casting a bait to humps and points. There are plenty of Bass to
keep you entertained on this pattern while you are looking for the Striper bites.
Run and gun is the pattern on the high spots, the same above mentioned top
water or swim baits will apply.

Trolling is still a good pattern, and while there is an open water bite, Lead core,
down riggers, and In line planers, however, that bite is very inconsistent. Trolling
over the humps is the better option on most days. Either the Mini Macks or the
full size umbrella rigs will be effective. Target humps that top out around 30 feet,
and watch for secondary crest and points that are part of the high spot. Generally
the first pull over the high spot will get the bite, with other fish on the hill spooking
after you hook up. The fish will normally return to that place, give it a rest and
come back to it in 30 to 45 minutes and the fish will probably be back there
waiting on you. To make this pattern work think run and gun, and clipping points
in the same depth range will also be productive.

Bass Fishing

Bass fishing is also good if that is your target, and as is the case with the
Stripers, the techniques from last weeks report remain valid with little change.
One pattern we need to add in is casting under spins to the suspended fish that
are shadowing the open water bait schools. This pattern is pretty strong, but is
largely dependent on Forward Facing Sonar. The Fat Hawg Spoons and Flutter
Spoons are also be viable baits on this pattern.

There are plenty of fish in the brush, and starting out on a pile by casting the drop
shot is a good option. Follow that up with a top water, spoon, or under spin. If you
really want to maximize your opportunities, finish up with a vertical presentation
of the drop shot rig. Appling a scent to the plastic may also be a big plus right
now. Keep the Sebiles, Sashimi Shad, or Hard Swimmers nearby to cast to the
frequent schoolers that will running out of the brush to push bait to the top. Get
the bait to them quickly enough and it has generally been an easy bite.

The crank bait bite is out there, probably no where near peak but improving with
cooler weather. Rock Crawlers have been the ticket, and the usual structures are
target. Rocks, either on the banks or submerged rocks are holding fish. Add in
secondary points, shallow brush and blowdowns as other likely targets. This bite
is probably best in mid and upper lake areas, and will have some application on
the lower end. If you stay down lake venture into the creek backs to look for the
same above mentioned structures to get the bite!

Good Fishing!
Capt. Mack