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Lake Lanier Fishing Report from Captain Mack

Captain Macks Lake Lanier Fishing Report – March 24

It looks like we will end the
month of March with pretty
mild temps, however, at the
expense of being pretty soggy.
Oh well, that type of weather
often makes for great fishing.

With warming surface temps I
expect that to be the case for
next week! Speaking of
surface temps, we ended up
the week at 57 degrees. The
lake level Friday afternoon was
1070.64, down .18 feet from
last week to close the week at
.36 feet below full pool.

Striper Fishing

The Striper bite was a little slow on the numbers side, but the average
size of the fish has been very good. Some of the shallow water
patterns, or at least patterns where fish were pushing back into
creeks and coves slowed a bit last week. That was probably due
cooling water temps, and some of the bait that was in the shallow
water moving deeper? The water in the incoming creeks also cleared
up, so those factors that may be responsible for the decrease in
activity. With rain approaching (once again on a Saturday!) we will
probably see some stained water in the creek backs moving into next

The areas remain varied, with fish being taken all over the lake. The
best patterns were a mix of live baits free lines and down lines,
depending on the day. The variety of bait was also a mix, Shad,
Shiners and Herring all produced some good catches during the past
week. I would continue to keep a mix of whatever is available in the
spread to maximize the bite. Having a mini tied and ready to place in
the spread also remains a plus.

Trolling continues to be a very good pattern, with big umbrellas being
consistent producers. While open water trolling will catch a few fish,
contour trolling seems to be the best method. This is simply trolling
over a specific depth range, lately the 18 to 25 foot depths seem to
be best. You’ll need to keep the rig pretty near the bottom, 15 to 18
feet deep, so it is really important to stay focused on the chart to
maximize the technique and of course avoiding snags. It is inevitable
that you will get snagged, if not you are grabbing the bottom
occasionally you are probably not being aggressive enough with the
rig. Unfortunately, getting the rig hung once in awhile is a by product
of pulling that shallow. If you are diligent about watching the chart
you can minimize the hang ups. Try the contour trolling in the middle
and back parts of the coves and creeks, this pattern is effective on all
parts of the lake.

Bass Fishing

Bass fishing remains very good, for numbers and big fish. As has
been the case for several weeks now, the patterns are numerous and
varied so you’ll have many options. The Shad Rap cranking bite I
have mentioned in previous weeks is still applicable, but not as
strong in the clearer water. This technique may be best up in the river
arms where there is more stain, as opposed to lower end creeks
which have really cleared up this week. Switching to a crank bait that
runs a little deeper may also be effective, as the many of fish just got
a little deeper with the weather and water conditions.

The dock pattern is still very good, mostly worms and jigs here but
skipping a Fluke may also get some bites. Moving baits will also have
some application, especially on the shallow docks. 8 to 25 feet has
been a good number to target. Focus more in the shallow end of that
range in the upper parts of the lake.

Clay banks and points are very good areas to target, just be mindful
that the fish may be anywhere from 5 to 25 feet. A worm on the shaky
will be hard to beat here, but crank baits can also be effective. Jigs,
and particularly the smaller finesse jigs, have also been good choices
on the clay.

The jerk bait bite is also heating up, and there are plenty of places to
cast your favorite jerk baits, The same clay banks and points
mentioned above, flats along the creek channels, and stump flats are
all likely areas. Keep an eye on the saddles, they are holding fish as
well and can be a very strong pattern moving forward!

Good Fishing!
Capt Mack