Abu-Garcia Veritas Medium Heavy Action Rod Review

Veritas Rods Picture

Veritas Rods Picture

I bought a Abu-Garcia seven foot medium heavy action Veritas rod at an outdoor writers auction at a greatly reduced price. The rods list for about $100. I have been using the rod to cast a jig and pig and it does a great job with a 3/8ths ounce jig with a twin tail trailer. I can cast the jig and pig about as far as I want to with the Revo SX reel I put on the rod and spooled with 15 pound Sun Line

The rod is sensitive and has good feel for the jig bumping rocks and wood. I can also detect strikes easily. The medium heavy rod has great hook setting power and the seven foot length helps get a good hook set.

The one op piece rod is light enough that I can fish with it for hours without fatigue. The one drawback for me is that there is no comfort cushion in front of the reel. I hold my casting rods and reels by gripping the rod in front of the reel. I do not palm the reel since I think I get more control holding the rod, and I can let the line run between my fingers while fishing. Without a cushion of some kind it is very uncomfortable so I sipped a six inch piece of pipe insulation on the rod, got it in place and taped it with electrical tape. That works well for me.

Since the rod has the rod blank exposed just below the reel, my palm rests against it and that increases the feel.

This is a good mid-range price rod and the two I have are some of my favorites.

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