Abu-Garcia Revo SX Reel Review

Revo SX Reel

Revo SX Reel

The Abu-Garcia Revo series of reels is one of the best on the market right now. The SX lists for $160 but I got mine for much less than that at an outdoor writers auction. I teamed the reel with an Abu-Garcia Veritas rod I love the outfit.

I have six Revo reels and all have held up well to heavy use. The SX is extremely smooth and the drag system handles big fish. You can set the reel anti-backlash with an easy dial adjustment. With mine set at about half way, I can cast a 3/8ths ounce jig and pig on 15 pound Sun Line a very long way without any backlash problems. I can also pitch a jig easily at this setting. If I want to skip the jig I turn the magnetic anti backlash setting up a couple of notches to avoid the backlash.

The reel is very light weight and low profile. Although I don’t palm my reels, I hold the rod in front of the reel for better control and hook set power, I like the low profile reel. And the black reel with red highlights is pretty on my white Veritas rod!

Although the reel is fairly expensive, it is well worth the price. Abu-Garcia has a reputation for producing quality, durable reels and the Revo SX follows that tradition.

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