Fishing the Flint River for Bream

I caught this Flint River bream with black spots on a Mepps spinner

I caught this Flint River bream with black spots on a Mepps spinner

Fishing the Flint River is always fun and bream always bite there. The river is most famous for its shoal bass population, a subspecies of black bass found mostly there and a few other places, but sometimes they are tough to catch. But bream always bite.

The Flint River starts just south of the Atlanta Airport and flows through middle Georgia to join with the Chattahoochee River in Lake Seminole to form the Apalachaicola River. Except for Lake Blackshear it is free flowing with many shoals throughout its length. It is a beautiful river to fish

The Georgia Outdoor Writers Association spring conference was held at Albany, Georgia this year and we got some chances to fish the Flint. I went with fellow member Vic. O. Miller. a local writer who knows the river well. I was warned that he had a habit of turning over boats on the river but we managed to come home dry. I was a little worried. The first thing I did after getting in the boat was put on a life jacket but Vic warned me it didn’t float!

I tried several baits for bass but had no bites while Vic got a lot of hits from bream on his fly rod , so I went with the flow and tied on a Mepps Spinner and started catching bluegill and long ear sunfish. As luck would have it, I also caught two small largemouth.

It was a fun trip and I came back alive and dry!

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