Fishing Lake Tobesofkee

Have you ever been to Lake Tobesofkee? Less than an hour from Griffin, Georgia, Tobesofkee is a 1750 acre lake owned by Bibb County. It is just west of Macon, about five miles from the I-475 and Georgia Highway 74 interchange, and there is good access although it is expensive to launch a boat.

I was there last week late one afternoon to get information for a Georgia Outdoor News article. I am always amazed at the number and size of bass this small lake can produce. In less than four hours Davey Montford and I landed six bass ranging from one to four pounds. And to make it more exciting, three of them hit topwater baits.

We started fishing at about 5:30 PM and stayed until dark. The fishing often gets even better after dark but we needed to head home. The lake is ringed with very nice houses and many of the docks along its banks have lights that attract baitfish and bass.

The lake is big enough to run a bass boat with no problems. The biggest problem there is the pleasure boat traffic. It is small enough that it is hard to fish during the day on nice weekends. But it shines early in the morning, late in the afternoon and at night.

Davey caught an 8.5 pound bass there last January in a club tournament and has weighed in five bass limits breaking the 20 pound mark several times. He marked ten spots to fish that will be on a map in the magazine in July. Some of them are deeper daytime holes but several are grass beds where we caught the bass on top.

Plan a trip to Tobesofkee one week day afternoon for some fun fishing. And there is an excellent restaurant right on the water if you want to eat dinner. Davey says they have good seafood and I agree!