We Don’t Care What the British Think About Our Guns

What would you think if you were talking about our system of government to some folks and one said, “Most of the time, the system works, protecting the rights of the minority from the tyranny of the majority?” And the other responded “The exact inverse it true. A noisy minority backed by a powerful lobbying group, can effectively stymie passage of even the most basic removal of their rights.”

You might wonder if they were agreeing even though one said they totally disagreed. Both are saying our system of government protects the rights of the minority.

What if one person said those two things during the same conversation? You might question their reasoning ability.

John Micek said both those things, in consecutive paragraphs, in his March 30 editorial in the “Griffin Daily News.” If you question his reasoning ability, you should understand he is an extreme liberal and he was trying to argue in favor of restricting our civil rights in the 2nd Amendment.

It is typical for folks to like our system of government when it supports their prejudices. But in my experience, mostly liberals want to change it to suit them when it does not.

Micek further argues that he wants our government to do what the New Zealand government recently did. They banned a wide range of guns in private ownership after an insane fool used a gun to shoot people. Our system of government helps protect a group of people from losing their rights due to the actions of one individual.

Those like Micek wanting to restrict our rights and ban guns will continue to argue the 2nd Amendment does not say what it says and try to change our government, constitution and laws to punish groups they hate.

I especially like folks who were born in England telling us we should do away with our guns and the 2nd Amendment. Piers Morgan is famous for it. He is a British citizen with talk shows on many outlets. He is quoted in the Daily Mail two weeks after a school shooting here a few years ago as saying “My campaign against America’s gun laws didn’t begin two weeks ago.” https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2254758/Piers-Morgan-Deport-If-America-wont-change-crazy-gun-laws-I-deport-myself.html

After demanding we do away with the 2nd Amendment, he whines gun owners criticize him for his comments, trying to hide behind our 1st Amendment, saying he has the right to say what he wants. As a British citizen he likes our constitution when it supports his prejudices but hates it when it does not.

Even worse are immigrants from Britain and other supposedly “free“ countries that have become US citizens. If you want to move and live here, at least respect our laws and rights, don’t come here and demand we change to suit your prejudices you bring.

We haven’t cared about what the British think about our guns since 1776.