Slow September Bartletts Ferry Tournament

The second Saturday in September nine members of the Potato Creek Bassmasters fished our September tournament at Bartletts Ferry Lake. After fishing from 6:00 AM until 1:30 PM we brought 34 keeper bass to the scales. There were two limits and everyone caught at least one keeper. Most of them were spotted bass.

Niles Murray was in a hurry to go shoot doves but he still managed to land five keepers weighing 7.53 pounds for first. Kwong Yu had four weighing 6.92 for second, Raymond English had five at 6.66 for third and Mike Cox was fourth with four at 5.05 pounds. Frank Anderson had big fish with a 3.82 pounder.

I started on a gravel bank and caught two on a spinnerbait before it got light enough to see to measure them. As it got light enough to see, at about 7:00 I caught a keeper largemouth on a jig and pig. That gave me three in the livewell the first hour which I thought was a pretty good start.

Although I fished a lot of different kinds of places and used a lot of different baits, when we weighed in at 1:30 I had four keepers. I landed my biggest fish, a two pound largemouth, from some brush at noon on a jig head worm. That was it and my 4.5 pounds was not good enough for a top four finish.