Ripe Tomatoes in December

You just gotta love this global change warming climate thingie. I picked ripe tomatoes and peppers Thursday, December 8, 2016 since the weather guessers said the temperature would dip into the upper 20s Friday morning. My tomato vines were still lush and covered with green tomatoes. They were still blooming!

The latest I can ever remember picking fresh tomatoes is December 1. It takes only a light freeze to kill the vines and that often happens around Thanksgiving, but this year, even though the “official” Griffin temperature Friday morning was 28, my vines were still fine and the temperature at my house at 8:00 AM was 33 degrees. Maybe I picked them too soon!

I got a greenhouse a couple of years ago but was too lazy to put it up. Now I wish I had done so. No telling how long I could have tomatoes this year.

Warmer temperatures here show global climate change, according to some, but I had ice on my windshield on a trip to Detroit on November 1 and some northern states have several feet of snow on the ground right now, so the change must not be too global.