Rioters Are Same As Peaceful Gun Owners?

Editorial columns by John Micek and Kathleen Parker are always good for a laugh or a shake of the head in amazement that folks can really have such a strange though process. Their Thursday, May 11 columns published in the Griffin Daily News surely did fit the bill.

Micek, while defending rioters that burn businesses, destroy private and public property and block highways as expressing their free speech, compared them to people peacefully standing around with guns on straps or in holsters. He is all upset because 20 states are working on punishing rioters. He said us gun owners better watch out, we might be next.

No worries, John. We gun owners are always watching out for the likes of you, who support any criminal activity and make excuses for them but want to take away our guns. That is one reason the NRA has more than five million dues paying members.

Parker, who decries any sport hunting of animals, even if used for food, compared Condoleezza Rice and Sally Yates, saying they were both strong women. That is like comparing a rattlesnake and a border collie saying they are both strong animals.

Rice served our nation well in many jobs and never had even a hint of misconduct. She is an excellent role model for anyone, male or female. Yates was fired as acting Attorney General for refusing to follow a lawful order by the president. Parker defended Yates saying she refused to do her job because she decided the order was unconstitutional.

Under our government, that decision is for the Supreme Court to make, not some career bureaucrat.