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Fishing from A Pontoon Boat

Pontoon Boat Fishing at Disney World with Power-Pole
from The Fishing Wire

Family-friendly day trippers who venture out on simple pontoon boats can enjoy the same perks of the Power-Pole Shallow Water Anchor that professional anglers do. Properly prepared, pontoons can become an ultimate fishing platform where stability and spacious room allows for the whole family to get in on the bite. The addition of a Power-Pole turns the pontoon into a fishing machine with myriad advantages.

For cherry-picking hot spots, the Power-Pole anchor can be stuck down outside of bass beds, off submerged structures and at a safe distance from weed beds to allow for pinpoint casts from the pontoon deck. Forget about the hassle of tossing cumbersome anchors overboard on a boat filled with kids and family — with a push of a button, the Power-Pole can be easily deployed and retracted to maximize fishing time and promote ease of movement from spot to spot.

A recent redesign of Power-Pole’s pontoon brackets, which now encompass widths from 13 to 19 inches, allows for an easier mount, smoothly outfitting pontoons for shallow-water fishing conditions in lakes, ponds and even backwater channels. Docking with a boat full of kids is also a cinch. There’s no more scrambling for dock lines, simply deploy the Power-Pole dockside to stabilize the pontoon for easy disembarking.

And get this — all Walt Disney properties now enjoy the benefits of Power-Pole anchors outfitted on their fleet of 21-foot Sun Tracker pontoon boats for their on-site largemouth bass fishing excursions. If Disney and the Magic Kingdom back the power of Power-Pole on their pontoons for family fun, shouldn’t you on yours? Power up your pontoon to a new level of fishing fun!

To celebrate 10 years of being the official shallow water anchor for the Walt Disney World boat fleet, the Power-Pole media team took a few very special anglers on the Disney Guided Bass Fishing Excursion in Lake Buena Vista, Florida.Disney World is noted for it’s beautiful sand-bottomed and weed-edged lakes, loaded with largemouths thanks to the clean water, abundant bait and all-release policy. A lightly-weighted soft plastic fished on light spinning gear is the ticket to fooling these numerous but hard-fished bass. Or, opt for the live bait provided by the knowledgeable guides in the fishing concession here.