Pflueger Purist Rod and Reel Fishing Product Review

I purchased a Pflueger Purist six foot, six inch Medium action rod (01112BJ)  teamed with a

Pflueger Purist Combo

Pflueger Purist Combo

Pflueger Purist 3LP 7.1 to 1 ratio reel at a Georgia Outdoor Writers Association auction at a greatly reduced price.  The outfit lists for about $100.  I spooled the reel with 12 pound test Trilene line and tied on a #8 Shadrap before a club tournament the next weekend.

I made many casts with this combo that day and it worked well. The rod is a little lighter action than I like, I prefer a little more backbone with a light tip for casting plugs, but this one preformed well. With a rod with this action you are much less likely to tear crankbait hooks from a fish’s mouth.

I did not adjust the antibacklash on the reel and it was a little hard to control the first few casts but it threw the Shadrap a long way. Later I checked and two of the six pins were out, so I popped out two more, a very easy process. The reel seems to cast a few feet less but backlashing is much less a problem. To adjust the magnetic antibacklash you push a button and pop out small spring loaded magnets, or push them in for less resistance.

The reel is smooth and the drag is easy to set and is very smooth.  The handles are comfortable and I llike the cork hand hold in front of the reel. I do not palm reels, I hold the rod in front of the reel and this rod and reel is comfortable to fish that way. But the reel is very low profile and would be easy to palm if that is the way you fish a baitcaster.

I like the outfit and will definitely use it for a variety of crankbait, It is an excellent outfit for the price.

For more info, visit the Pflueger web site.

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