Outright Lies About Guns and Gun Owners

I came home Wednesday from a nice three-day trip to Lay Lake, where I saw no news at all, to turn on the TV to see a program showing a campaign to end civil rights of millions of United States citizens. I totally oppose the agenda this presentation pushed, full of false information and outright lies about guns and gun owners.

Rational folks know they should never believe anything any politician says. Their number one job description is to get re-elected no matter how many lies they have to tell. But when a president of the United States lies about the effect of gun bans, claims the 2nd Amendment is about deer hunting and thinks armed opposition does not work unless you have “F-16s and nuclear bombs,” I get disgusted.

You might want to check with the Russia and the Afghanistan Mujahideen or the US government and the Taliban and Viet Cong on that last idiotic claim.

Everyone has their own beliefs about guns but beliefs and feelings do not change facts. When you blame an inanimate object for the actions of people, there is no logic involved, especially when you blame the gun in most instances but blame the shooter when it is a cop doing the shooting.

When a politician says giving folks jobs will stop them from committing crime while, at the same time, also paying people to stay home and not work is about as senseless as anything said at the presentation.

Read any of the crime and arrest stories in the Griffin Daily News and you are likely to see, under charges filed, “possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.” That has been a law for years, criminals ignore it and prosecutors, for some strange reason, usually plea bargain it away. Maybe felons would pay attention to that law if it included mandatory capital punishment for violation.

When political district attorneys release criminals without bond, do not prosecute rioters and looters and ignore the law, more laws that affect only the law-abiding are stupid.

As long as politicians take actions based on false information and their feelings rather than facts, the problem will only get worse.