Outdoor Equipment and Other Stuff I Use

Please excuse these pages – I I will post reviews of these items as soon as I get them and try them out.

Costa Galveston Sunglasses

Pickup Truck Crane

Camo Netting

Extension cord

Electric Leaf Blower

Sump Pump

This muffler for my Ford 1710 was more than $300 at the local Ford Tractor dealer!

I keep one in the fridge for frying fish filets!

i keep forgetting to turn the water hose off at the farm!

API Outdoors 16 Grandstand Skypod Tripod Stand

Self-Fusing Silicone Rescue Tape

Dog No-Bark Shocking Collar

Log Jack – Log Buck

I wish I had gotten one of these years ago! I cut wood and heat most of my house with a fireplace insert, and I am by myself when cutting wood. This log jack is amazing, making lifting a log off the ground to cut easy even if alone I have used it a few times and will never be without one again. I may get a second one so I can pick up the whole log, not just one end.

Electric Fence Charger

Electric Fence Wire

Electric Fence Insulators for Chain Link Fence

Electric Fence Corner Insulators

Campfire Reel roasters

These look cute and the reviews on the first one say kids love it. The second one only had one review and it showed a danger. I will order them and review them in detail. If you have kids, or kid-like adults, these would be fum!

Electronic Dog Training Collar

D-Con Rat and Mouse Poison
I have some rental houses so I buy in large quantities.

Flea Traps
I have had a major flea problem so I ordered these traps and refills – they work great, catching many fleas every day

CD Label Maker

CD Sleeves

Screwdriver Set

Ear Plugs