One Good Day at Clarks Hill

The Spalding County Sportsman Club fished our April tournament at Clarks Hill out of Mistletoe on April 24 and 25th. After 17 hours of casting, the 15 members brought in 118 12-inch keeper bass weighing about 206 pounds.  There were 20 five fish limits and no one zeroed.

Kwong Yu won with ten weighing 21.52 pounds for the two days.  Raymond English came on strong on Sunday with a 15-pound limit and placed second with eight at 21.05. Sam Smith placed third with ten weighing 18.22 pounds adding over 12 pounds on Sunday. Billy Roberts had ten weighing 17.04 for fourth and his 5.15 pound largemouth was big fish.

I should know the lake better than anybody else in the club but it seems I always do good on Saturday then do terrible on Sunday, and this year was no exception.  Chris Davies fished with me and we both had limits Saturday, his at 12.35 was first place and my 11.44 pounds was third place that day.

After an hour of fishing Saturday, I had eight in the livewell and culled down to five. I don’t think I culled the rest of the day although I caught 19 keepers total.  The bigger fish were feeding on the shad and herring spawn first thing in the morning on riprap.  The rest of the day I caught them on a spinnerbait around button bushes and willow trees.

Sunday morning Chris and I ran to the riprap, and there was a kayak sitting right on top of the sweet spot where we caught them in the rain Saturday.  We never got a fish that morning.

At noon I had been fishing bushes for several hours and had one bare 12 inch keeper, then added three more before we had to go in at 2:00.  My nine for two days weighted 16.31 pounds, dropping me to fifth.

Maybe next year will be better on Sunday!!