I Am A Terrorists?

I am a terrorist?

In 1985 when I became a life member of the oldest civil rights organization in the US, I had no idea Orwellian speak so common now would label me a terrorist. Somehow, defending the Bill of Rights by peaceful, legal methods is now terrorism to some.

Regardless of what some gun ban fanatics say, I am proud to be a member of the NRA. Over five million fellow NRA members and I and will continue to support the 2nd Amendment.

I will never understand the illogic of those hating guns. I recently posted on “Fazebook” about the so-called universal background check, saying it would require a father to get a background check on his 12-year-old son or daughter before giving him or her a gun for Christmas. And that is true.

One response amazed me. I was told any father giving their 12-year-old child a gun should be locked up. That is so strange to be totally irrational to me. It is not rational in the world I grew up in and live in.

I got a BB gun at six, a .22 rifle at eight and a .410 at 10. I still have two of them, and not a single one of them has ever harmed anyone, and never will.

I have a .40 semiautomatic pistol I carry, and a pump 12-gauge shotgun loaded with #1 buck shot by my bed for self-defense if I ever need it. Those have never harmed anyone either. I hope they never do, but if threatened I would rather defend myself than being harmed.

Gun control is not about guns, it is about controlling those that don’t agree with your prejudices.

It seems the same folks that want to control us by taking our guns also want to control what we eat, where we spend our money, what kind of vehicle we can drive and every other aspect of our lives. And they demand we believe in everything they spout or want to censor us.

I was an ACLU member for a time because they defended all civil rights. But I dropped my membership when they abandoned the 2nd Amendment. How can a civil rights group claiming to support all civil rights not defend one of the rights guaranteed in the Bill of Rights?