Fishing Pickwick for Smallmouth, Largemouth and Meanmouth

I went to Pickwick in northwest Alabama for my May Alabama Outdoor News article and fished with Cody Harrison.   April Fools Day fooled us with high winds, strong current and cold weather but Cory showed how well he knows the lake and the habits of the bass there. 

He landed two smallmouth in the 3.5 to four pound range, a largemouth that size and a pretty “meanmouth” bass a little smaller

Pickwich has largemouth, smallmouth and spotted bass and they sometimes mate, especially smallmouth and spotted bass. That hybrid is common enough it is named a “meanmouth,” it has the colors of a smallmouth but they are brighter, and they have a tooth patch on the tongue like a spot. And they fight like crazy.

Cody likes some current in the river and said when the dam is releasing somewhere between 20,000 and 70,000 cubic feet per second of water it is good.  Lower and the fish don’t bite very good, higher and it is hard to fish. The day we fished the release was around 90,000 CFS!

All his fish hit a bladed jig fished in current eddies along main river gravel banks.  The fish were getting ready to span in those places. It was a fun but long trip, the longest I make doing these articles.  We were in the corner of Alabama, Tennessee and Mississippi, a long way from Griffin!