February West Point Tournament

Last Sunday eleven members of the Spalding County Sportsman Club fished our February tournament at West Point. After eight hours of casting, from 7:30 AM to 3:30 PM, we brought 45 keeper bass weighing about 84 pounds to the scales. There were seven limits and everyone caught at least one keeper.

Wayne Teal found the right five and won with five weighing 12.12 pounds and his 7.15 pound largemouth was big fish. My fived weighing 11.63 pounds was second, Niles Murray placed third with five at 9.65 pounds and Robert Proctor came in fourth with five weighing 8.91 pounds.

With seven boats in the tournament, who would have ever thought two of us would head to exactly the same place on that big lake. Jay had told me he and Wayne had fished there on Thursday and caught a lot of bass. I wanted to start on the point where I had landed 14 keepers the weekend before.

When we took off I took my time, letting everyone else get out of the way and not running fast. I saw Jay was ahead of me but did not worry, until he turned into the mouth of Whitewater Creek. Sure enough, he stopped on the point I wanted to fish, so I turned and went back to another point nearby.

The wind was dead calm at first but as I fished the point and around a cove, a breeze started blowing, a good thing. When I got to the secondary point back in the cove where I caught my biggest fish the weekend before, the breeze was just right, and I got my first bite, a keeper spot, then caught another one.

After a few more casts I looked and could see the point Jay had stopped on, but he was gone. I ran back to it and quickly caught two keeper spots, giving me four at 8:30. At weigh-in Jay told me the only thing he caught there was a carp and a catfish. The wind had made the bass start biting, but he left too soon.

I fished there for another hour and finally caught my fifth keeper at 9:30. The sun had come out and moved the bass off it, I guess. I knew the sun was warming the water so I decided to try fishing very shallow to catch a bigger fish.

At 11:00 I was back in a pocket with very muddy water. I almost decided to leave it was so muddy, but as my trolling motor got stuck in the mud, I cast a spinnerbait to a stump in about a foot of water and got a thump.

It turned out to be a 5.35 pound largemouth, second biggest fish of the day. It was a miracle I landed it, it got wrapped up in my trolling motor. But somehow, I got it unwrapped. My line was badly frayed for about two feet, but it did not break.

That fish convinced me to fish a spinnerbait very shallow the rest of the day, and I landed two more largemouth and a spot, culling three of the four spots I caught early. But it was not quite enough.