Democrats Want To Control Me and Take My Guns

 Sitting at my desk listening to democrats running for president explain how they are going to control everything I do, I can see into my gun cabinet.  In it are eight long gun and a couple of pistols. 

The guns range from the Remington .22 semiautomatic rifle I got for my eighth birthday to the Colt AR 15 semiautomatic rifle with a 30 round magazine attached that I treated myself to a few years ago. 

Its funny when I think most gun banners don’t bat an eye at my .22 although it holds 16 rounds of ammo in its magazine and is the same caliber as the despised AR 15. Bullets for the .22 come with the warning on the box “Warning, range one mile.” And both shoot each time I pull the trigger, with the same semiautomatic actions.

Also in the cabinet is the 12 gauge pump Winchester daddy passed on to me from his daddy. When I was a kid cleaning it, I found his first hunting license from 1938 when he was 16.  It was rolled up in the hole under the butt plate on the stock. 

Next to it is the similar “goose gun” my father-in-law gave me, another pump 12 gauge.

My Marlin lever action 30-30 is there, the gun that killed my first deer in 1968, a 16th birthday present from my parents. Daddy’s two bird guns are there, a short barrel 12-gauge Winchester for quail and a longer barreled Remington for dove. He gave both to me when he quit hunting. Both are the dreaded “semiautomatic” action.

All the guns my relatives gave me have one thing in common.  If the liberals “universal background check” was law back then, I would have had to undergo a background check before they could give the guns to me. Can an eight-year-old pass one?  How about a 16-year-old?  And how much would it have cost and how long would it have taken?  Would I still be waiting on those presents?

 If you give your child a gun, should you have to run a background check on them first?

A few years ago Ben Moore took the Griffin Gun Club Board of Directors to Callaway Gardens to shoot Sporting Clays. I took one of daddy’s guns, the wrong one for shooting Clays.  Ben let me borrow and shoot his backup over and under 12-gauge skeet gun.

Under proposed “Universal Background Check” laws, that would have made Ben and me felons.

The variety of pistols, from the semiautomatic .40 Glock with the 15 round magazine sitting within easy reach on my desk to the variety of other manufacturers .40 semiautomatic pistols still in their cases, would be banned. As would my AR 15 and AK 47. Both those guns have killed nothing but targets over the years I have had them.

Oddly enough, the most “powerful” gun I have, my bolt action 7 mm mag, would be ok at first.  That is until the gun grabbers started calling it a high-powered long-range sniper rifle and banned it.

I have had guns and shot them since I was five years old and daddy or Harold’s daddy, Mr. Bill, would take us out in the field to shoot a single shot .22. I got a BB gun as a reward after having my tonsil out at six years old.

My guns have never harmed anyone.  A couple of my pistols have scared people twice when driving on the interstate and some fool started harassing me for some reason. Both times they would run by me, pull over in front of me and slam on brakes. I was running with cruise control and there was little traffic, so I could go around them.

Both stopped when, on the fourth pass, I had my semiautomatic pistol lying on the dash in plain view and reached toward it.  I never even had to touch it.

Some folks ask why I am so terrified I need a gun handy.  I’m not, just as keeping fire extinguisher in my boat, all vehicles and house does not mean I am terrified of fires. I am just prepared.

By the way, if democrats get their laws passed and find someone to come confiscate my guns, they were all destroyed in the earthquake yesterday.