Climate Change True Believers – You First

According to the web site and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, climate “models” show earth’s average temperature may be 2 to 9.7 degrees warmer in 100 years than it is now due to more carbon in the air. 

    According to climate alarmists, this means we must give up our way of life, including cars, warm houses, meat and many other staples of modern life to avoid this disaster that will wipe out life as we know it.

    A week ago last Thursday the temperature at my house was 75 degrees at 2:00 PM, 45 degrees at 7:00 PM and 35 degrees at 2:00 AM Friday. By 2:00 PM Friday it was 55 degrees.   

    The temperature dropped 30 degrees in five hours and 40 degrees in 12 hours, then warmed 20 degrees in the next 12 hours.  Yet noting died, all the trees, grass and wildlife survived.  Even my temperature sensitive tomatoes and peppers are fine.

    My house was warm and comfortable due to gas heat and a fire in my wood burning stove, two things climate true believers demand I give up.

    In his October 10 Griffin Daily News editorial, Walter Williams documents six times since 1969 that the climate change fanatics claimed life would end as we know it in 20 years or so if we didn’t give up our lifestyles.  Not a single one of those wild claims, nor the dozens other similar ones, ever happened.

    Just like gun control, climate change laws have nothing to do with guns or climate but are all about controlling us.  While normal folks have to give up comfort, happiness and personal protection, the ones that demand it continue to fly private jets to meetings where they come up with new schemes and go on trips on their private yachts, while being protected by armed security.

    When those flakes lead by example, giving up the things they demand I do without, I may pay a tiny bit of attention to then.