Lake Lanier Fishing Report

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Check out these weekly updated reports for selected lakes in Georgia and Alabama Lakes Fishing Report. If any guides or fishermen do weekly reports and would like them published on my site please contact me:

Fishing Report for Lake Lanier

“The Southern Fishing Report”
By Ken Sturdivant
106 Hickory Ridge
770 889 2654
Cumming Georgia 30040

June 16, 2017


This Report brought to you by: Jimbo Mathley, 770 542 7764

Bass fishing on Lanier remains very good. The lake level has been stable over the past week, and the water temps are on the rise with the warmer June weather. The top water bite is still strong. To sum it up, if it walks, pops, spits, wakes, chugs, or swims, it is a viable choice catch fish right now. Focus on offshore structure with cover, such as brush on humps and points, for this approach. The bite seems to be better in the middle of the day than any other time, but we have are still seeing some good morning schooling activity again this week as well, for which the top water lures have been excellent. Just throw it in the action and hang on. Windblown points have been the best places for this action. The fluke has continued to produce well also in the same type places. Work it fast and then kill it and let it settle. Vary the cadence until you find what the fish want. The fluke can be a good option when there is no wind. Also the swimbait bite has returned and has been producing some good fish. We have been using the Sweet Herring and a Sebile. Same places as mentioned for the top water bite. We are starting to get some drop shot bites as well. This has been a decent option for us when the fish will not come up to play. Here are my remaining available June dates: 19(PM), 20(PM), 21(PM), 22, 28, and 29. Father’s Day is coming up this weekend! What better gift to give Dad than a fishing trip with Jimbo?! Call me to purchase a gift certificate. Give me a call and let’s get out and have some fun

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This Lake Lanier Striper report is from Captain Ken West 404 561 2564. Contact us on our web site.

Striper fishing is good. Summer time fishing has arrived. The thermocline is set up at 26 feet with the water temperature in the low 80’s. The shallow water techniques, both top water and free lines have slowed. Down rod herring fished 30 to 50 feet deep has been the ticket this week. It is time to put your lead core and umbrella rods in the boat and use them in the creek and river channels to get a reaction bite from those 25 35 foot suspended fish. Deploy your lead core to 7 to 8 colors with a one ounce buck tail jigs and a pearl or chartreuse 4 inch shad body. Don’t forget to allow enough room to make a wide sweeping turn; your jig is a football field behind the boat. Increasing your speed to 5 or 6 MPH will also keep your jig out of the trees when making a U turn. If you want to fish while you are searching an area the umbrella rig is always a good choice. When you find the stripers, you can pull umbrella rigs up and put out baits or continue to use you umbrella rigs to catch fish. We are setting our rigs at 150 feet behind the boat at 3 Mph. Look for the fish to be at a depth of 25 to 70 feet deep over a bottom of 40 to 120 feet. There are fish in every creek from Browns Bridge to the Dam. Start your search in the main lake and creek mouths from the mouth of the Chestatee River to Vans Tavern. The lake is 6.5 feet below full pool and the water is clear on the main lake and lightly stained in the back of the creeks. The water temperature has risen to the low 80’s. To book your guide trip call us at 404 561 2564 or contact us on our web site.

This Lake Lanier Crappie report is from Dan Saknini, member of the Lanier Crappie Angler’s Club. See our club’s website,

As expected, crappie fishing around this time of year is becoming fair at best with water temperatures around 86 degrees. Your best bet for catching fish is early in the morning, on deep docks and deep brush piles. Expect this pattern to remain the same until you see a combination of a change in the temperature and cooler rain. This will bring the fish to shallower structure, thus making them easier to catch. This is a good time of the year to work on your brush piles, which will give you more spots to fish when the weather cools and the bite heats up. If you are interested, visit our website above where we have posted links to several YOU Tube videos on the subject. Night fishing is good right now. Target bridges such as Clark’s Bridge, Wahoo Bridge and Six Mile Bridge. All have one good thing in common: they are in sight of a boat ramp, which is convenient when launching. You will need some type of twelve volt light such as a Hydro Glow. For best results, keep the light a few feet away from your boat. This can be accomplished by using a broom stick or some type of rod. After submerging the light, attach the cord to the rod, leaving just enough slack in the cord for the light to stay submerged. Place the other end in the rod holder. This will keep the light several feet from the boat and give you better coverage, and keeps it from banging against the boat and spooking the fish. Small or medium crappie minnows are your best bet for bait. Set your baits at different depths, and if you notice one depth is getting more action, adjust accordingly. The bite is sporadic. You may wait an hour or so for the fish to come after the bait and hit them good for thirty minutes or so, then you may wait another hour or so for another school to come by and start the bite again. This requires patience, but is a great opportunity to kick back and relax during an evening on the water.

This will be last report for summer. Around the end of August, when the fishing pattern begins to change, we will pick back up with Lake Lanier Crappie Fishing Reports. Enjoy your summer, and be safe on the water as the lake is now crowded! Wear your life jacket, it can save your life!

Be safe on the water as the lake traffic has increased to summer levels; wear your life jacket, it can save your life!

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