Anyone Paying Attention Could See President Obama’s Antigun Agenda Coming in 2008

I wrote this in 2008 before the election. Unfortunately, too many gun owners could not see this coming or just did not care. The NRA was right, again1 Politicians will say anything to get elected. That is why it is so important to examine their record and look at what they do and say before running for office. Listen to what they say but verify what they have done. Never has that been more important for gun owners than in this presidential election. Here is what the candidates for Read more [...]

What Are Florida Shark Migrations?

Florida Shark Migrations from The Fishing Wire The sharks are swarming off the east coast of Florida again, providing the usual titillating footage for news helicopters who delight in showing this "dangerous" phenomenon of literally thousands of the big predators massed in an annual migration. Though it looks like a swarm of insects, this is actually an aerial shot of thousands of sharks migrating off the beaches of Florida's East Coast in spring. (Photo Credit Stephen Kajiura, Florida Atlantic Read more [...]

March Madness and Fishing

March Madness is here, but that means something totally different for fishermen. To us it means crappie are in the shallows spawning, bass are moving shallow and are much more active and being on the water can be downright comfortable after the miserable cold winter. And catching will be good for at least the next two months. You can fill your limit of 30 crappie quickly most days by dabbling a minnow or jig around shoreline bushes or other wood cover. They can also be caught by trolling Read more [...]

What Is the America’s Wildlife Museum and Aquarium?

Plans Unveiled for a New National Conservation Destination from The Fishing Wire America's Wildlife Museum and Aquarium envisioned to be the foremost destination for anyone who loves and protects the outdoors Springfield, Mo. – Johnny Morris, founder of Bass Pro Shops and leading conservationist, in partnership with noted conservationists from around the world, has unveiled plans behind America's Wildlife Museum and Aquarium in Springfield, Missouri, envisioned as the most elaborate conservation Read more [...]

Bass Pro Shops Pro Qualifer Baitcasting Reel Review

Bass Pro Shops Pro Qualifier Baitcasting Reel - List price $99.99 - often on sale for significantly less. buy now A few weeks ago during a club tournament the level wind on one of my favorite baitcasting reels started sticking on the side when it started to reverse. I have had this problem on several reels over the years. With heavy use the paul that moves back and forth in the screw and moves the line guide wears and sticks. Everytime in the past it was a simple matter to get it replaced Read more [...]

What Are Some Safe Boating Tips?

Coast Guard: Recreational Boating Safety Tips from The Fishing Wire The Coast Guard station in St. Petersburg, Florida, had an exceptionally busy weekend, and consequently has issued a set of reminder to area boaters that should be fodder for all of us who use recreational boats nationwide. Editor ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. —The Coast Guard wants to remind mariners to have the proper safety equipment aboard their boats after a busy weekend in the Tampa Bay area. Watchstanders at Coast Guard Read more [...]

Why Shoud Law Abiding Citizens Carry Guns?

Governor Perdue finally signed HB 89 into law the very last day he could in 2008. By waiting so long he gave the liberal media and other anti-gun groups several extra weeks to rant and rave about the bill, then brought it back to the forefront, giving them another chance to say silly stuff. If he had signed it as soon as it hit his desk he could have avoided many of those anti-gun comments. One of the more strange claims was made by Robert Hiett, president of the Georgia Transit Association, Read more [...]

Lake Guntersville Fishing Report from Captain Mike Gerry

Lake Guntersville Fishing Report Fishing Report, Lake Guntersville 3/21/15 The lake is busting wide open as we move into the spawn, we have finally gotten past the cold and nasty weather although 3 weeks behind but all is well and the bite has improved considerably. We are into one of my favorite times of year with the jig bite being everything it is cranked up to be. The bass are on the traditional places and catching them with that big Tight-Line football jig rigged with a Missile Bait Read more [...]

How Can I Catch Pre Spawn Walleye In Rivers?

Catching Pre-spawn Walleyes in Northern Rivers Changing water conditions demand versatile presentations Dr. Jason Halfen, The first stretch of consistently warm weather in the spring melts the snow in our yards, gets the sap moving in the maples, and brings anglers and their boats out of hibernation. The lure of an early spring trophy walleye draws an increasing number of boats to large rivers that host significant migrations of walleyes and sauger from downstream Read more [...]

Why Should I Call My Senator About The Sportsman Act?

Urge Support for S. 405: The Bipartisan Sportsmen's Act of 2015 from The Fishing Wire EDITOR'S NOTE: The following Action Alert was sent to its members by the National Shooting Sports Foundation. We agree that S. 405, The Bipartisan Sportsmen's Act of 2015 is an important one for all outdoor enthusiasts. Contact your Senators at 202-224-3121 or email them and urge them to cosponsor S.405, the Bipartisan Sportsmen's Act. This week, anti-hunting forces in an attempt to derail the Bipartisan Read more [...]