Night Tournament At Lake Sinclair

This bass hit a Zoom Mag 2 worm

This bass hit a Zoom Mag 2 worm

A couple of weeks ago 10 members of the Spalding County Sportsman Club fished our July tournament at Lake Sinclair from 5:00 PM to 1:00 AM. Or some of us stayed in the rain the whole time. Three people had gone home to bed by weigh-in time.

We had two five-fish limits brought in and the three that left early zeroed. We had 19 keeper bass weighing about 35 pounds and there were two bass weighing over four pounds each weighed in.

Al Rosser won with four weighing 8.39 pounds and his 4.41 pound largemouth was big fish. Raymond English was second with a limit weighing 7.70 pounds, I placed third with five at 7.19 pounds and Russell Prevatt had two at 6.55 pounds for fourth. Russell had the other four pounder.

Al fished with me and it started out tough. At 9:00 I had caught two keepers, both off boat docks. We tried a deep point first and bass and baitfish showed up on the depthfinder but we could not get them to hit. After an hour of trying we ran to one of Al’s favorite docks. Nothing hit there so we started working down the bank hitting docks.

I cast in front of the next dock with a jig head worm and realized my bait never hit bottom. My line was moving off and I set the hook and landed a good keeper bass. After fishing several more docks I skipped a Zoom Mag 2 worm under a dock and felt a thump. By the time I set the hook the fish was almost out to the boat but I still managed to land it.

At dark we went to a bank with a lighted boat dock but didn’t get any hits on it. Further down the bank, at an unlighted boat dock with no lights but some brush piles around it, Al go the big fish almost as soon as we started casting to it.

We stayed there for almost three hours and I got four keepers, all on the Mag 2 worm and Al got two more off it, after “borrowing” some of my worms. Then at midnight we ran back closer to the weigh-in ramp and fished a rocky bank. Al got his fourth keeper on a spinner bait and I got another one on a chatter bait.

I like night fishing, even in the rain. Sure is a lot cooler than during the day, and the bass bite!

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