Lake Guntersville Fishing Report from Captain Mike Gerry

Lake Guntersville Fishing Report

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Captain Mike with nice Guntersville bass

Captain Mike with nice Guntersville bass

Fishing Report, Lake Guntersville 12/3/16

With me being in-between boats my report is going to be second hand; I expect my 2017
Ranger boat to be ready no later than this Monday. Fishing however is becoming typical
winter type patterns with some big bites, with bites being limited but size being the kicker to
a good day. The fish seem to be in various depths with the bite being deeper early in the day
and shallower as the day warms from the December sun.

Most folks are fishing slowly, with Tight-Line jigs, big Punisher one oz. type spinner baits and
SPRO rattle baits (Aruka Shad) as the shallower bait for up in the warming part of the day.

Depth appears to be in the 15 to 20 feet range early in the day then 6 to 10 feet as the day
progresses and warms. The big females are moving on up in the day as they normally do as
we progress further into winter.

With all the small fish we caught this fall, I really expect 2017 to be much better than last
year; at least it’s shaping up that way. I am booking for 2017 now; I am also selling Christmas
gift certificates. If you’re looking to set up some of your customers with some great
entertainment bass fishing is a great way to do it. Come fish with me no one will treat you

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Captain Mike Gerry

2 thoughts on “Lake Guntersville Fishing Report from Captain Mike Gerry

  1. Malorie Bertozzi

    Both environmental and animal rights factions have criticized bass fishing in recent years for being both harmful to native species and cruel to the bass themselves. Most bass are no longer caught for sustenance, but simply as a sport, and largemouth bass are generally let go after the catch.;:

    1. James

      Ms. Bertozzi, I can respect that you have an opinion and have the privilege of expressing it. Do you think that expressing those views on a website about fishing is going to win over anyone? I know that that there are many so-called “sportmen” that are harmful to the environment, wildlife, and perception of fishing. I consider myself a steward and caretaker of the land. I practice it and I have taught my son to respect the land. I do not believe fishing nor hunting to be a deliberately cruel act. Humans have been doing it for thousands of years, and humans will not all go vegan simultaneously overnight. I catch and release as a sport because the practice was born out of conservation. Just as much as you would find it objectionable, I would still like to take a person like you fishing sometime. I want to to see the inescapable smile that would light up your face as you caught your first fish and then release it back into the water. It is a cherished experience. Despite our differences, I wish you peace.


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