Lake Guntersville Fishing Report from Captain Mike Gerry

Lake Guntersville Fishing Report

Captain Mike with nice Guntersville bass

Captain Mike with nice Guntersville bass

Fishing Report, Lake Guntersville 2/21/15

There is never a dull moment when it comes to weather in North Alabama, if you don’t like what you’re getting today wait till tomorrow as it might very well be completely different; this is the story of last week’s weather. Hence fishing was not for the weak or frail at heart; your toughness and determination got tested any and every day this past week. For me that meant a couple of days on the water with some tough customers that tested their resolve on Guntersville.

The good news was that the fish did bite really well as winter time goes, it just took patience and slow presentations to get them to hook up, when you did the results were worth it. We mainly fished SPRO McRip jerk baits beating the banks in 8 to 14 ft. of water. We also fished Missile bait D-Bombs in a worm presentation and as a trailer on a Tight-Line football head jig and worked Missile bait Shock Wave swim baits in a really slow presentation.

The results were great catching some good fish and having a good time with some great folks with tough resolve out of Georgia. Come fish with me no one will treat you better, I have guides and days available to fish with you.

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Captain Mike Gerry

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