Winning A Tournament At West Point

Last Sunday 21 member of the Potato Creek Bassmasters fished our February tournament at West Point. After eight hours of casting we brought 58 keeper bass weighing about 138 pounds to the scales. There were eight five-fish limits and five people didn’t catch a keeper fish.

I won with five weighing 15.50 pounds and Jamie Beasley was an extremely close second with five at 15.48 pounds. Evan Skipper placed third with five weighing 13.31 pounds, fourth was Lee Hancock with five at 12.80 and Buddy Laster had big fish with a 5.97 pound largemouth.

I was very happy to see so many largemouth, and such good size.  There were two over five pounds each, I had a 5.85 pounder for second biggest fish. And there were two more weighing just under five pounds each.

Spotted bass usually make up the majority of our catches at West Point. They are more aggressive and more active, especially in cold water, and tend to displace largemouth.

We took off at 7:00 in the misty rain and it was cold.  I ran about ten minutes to a point I like this time of year and the water was stained but not muddy and 47 degrees there.  Cold but not terrible.

My rule of thumb is if the water is 50 degrees or warmer, I have a good chance of catching a bass.  If it is between 45 and 50 I may catch one. Below 45 degrees is pretty hopeless in my mind, so it was borderline.

I started with a spinnerbait then a crankbait.  As I fished around the point to the next one, I switched between those two and cast a jig and pig to any wood I came to in the water.  At about 8:00 I was going around a sandy point casting my spinnerbait when a two-pound spot hit about halfway to the boat. At least I would not zero.

By now the wind had gotten up on the points I was fishing so I went into a cove that was protected from the wind. My hands were freezing!   

The bank going into the cove looks good and sets up right for this time of year, but although I have fished it several times I have never caught a fish there.  But I caught my three biggest fish there, the five pound largemouth, a three pound largemouth and a 2.5 pound largemouth!

At 10:00 I went to a rocky main lake point and caught another two-pound spot to fill my limit. I did not get a bite after 10:30. Some days everything just seems to work out.