Lake Seminole Fishing Report

Fishing Report for Lake Seminole

“The Southern Fishing Report”
By Ken Sturdivant
106 Hickory Ridge
770 889 2654
Cumming Georgia 30040

November 20, 2014


Bass fishing is slow. Watch the water temperatures all day and find the warmest water in the northwest coves for any active fish. Any warm up next month should spark the fish to start to the shallows. The fish are on deep creek bends down lake. Mid day spinner baits down lake in the creeks may work but drag the baits slowly over the structure. Use the 1/2 ounce Stanley spinner baits with bright blades. With any sun warming look for the bass to move to the creek channels and points during the day. Use the all black or all brown 1/2 ounce jig and a Pro Pork Trailer by Uncle Josh on the points. After a few days of warm weather look for the crank bait and spinner baits cast on the bank cover and slowly worked to get small strikes.

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